Student Parodies “Hope” Poster in Revolt Against Michelle O Lunch Rules

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Parents and students across the nation continue their revolt against Michelle Obama’s disgusting and dictatorial school lunch program. They’re taking to Twitter to voice their complaints, and with hilarious results.  

Despite parental and school board member complaints that the district’s food service is lacking, Superintendent Dr. Jeanne Apryasz said recent monitoring of the lunch periods at the Wantage School and Clifton E. Lawrence School has shown that students are provided with “ample” food items and choices for lunch.
But a couple members of the public and Board of Education members still thought differently about the quality of the food services being provided to the district. …

According to the National Lunch Program information on the state’s website, public schools must offer students fruits, vegetables, milk, grains and meat/meat alternatives. A student must select three of those five components. One component that must be met is one-half cup of fruits or vegetables. …
The inquiry into the district’s food service was prompted by a parent complaining about the service at last week’s Board of Education work session. …
“Obviously we take these (complaints) very seriously,” she said. But “we’re shocked by…what’s coming forth at board meetings.” …
“Not everything is fine,” Sussex-Wantage parent Monika Tatar said at Wednesday’s board meeting. “I am disgusted by the food they (her children) bought. … You should try it because this is unbelievably bad.”
Tatar, who has a kindergartner and a second-grader at the Clifton E. Lawrence School, said she bought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the school and threw it out because it was dry.
“I don’t know how we’ve had it said that there are no complaints,” board member Kenneth Nuss said. “I agree with the comments that have been made tonight and in the past.”

And parents aren’t the only ones voicing their concerns. Students have taken to social media and the hashtag campaign #ThanksMichelleObama is now trending nationwide.
One creative student went all out and designed a hilarious parody of Obama’s well-known “Hope” poster from the 2008 campaign.
One “poor ugly soul” posted his visual reaction to Twitter. He’s holding a parody drawing of the famous Obama “Hope” propaganda poster from 2008.
Except in this one, the student is holding a “Thanks Michelle Obama” sign in one hand and a fistful of vegetables in the other. Below it is the #thanksmichelleobama hashtag that has become synonymous with skimpy school lunches. …

More students are using the medium to show the world their skimpy, overcooked “healthy” offerings. …
Michelle Obama says the “progress” she’s made at making these lunches healthier is “incredibly fragile.”
She calls on her supporters to be taking to social media to talk positively about her program.
“We need to be out there every day tweeting, Instagramming, myth-busting. We need to use every tool at our disposal: social media, marketing and advertising, even some old-fashioned community organizing,” she said in a speech Thursday, according to the Ventura County Star.
Students are doing just that – exposing the first lady’s program

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