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    22 Mar 2015
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    1. They can write all the trade agreements they want, and feel oh-so-powerful doing it. What they can't do is get us citizens to spend our money on goods from these other countries. You control your own wallet. You can boycott. You can go on a general strike. Think this isn't happening already? Look at the labor participation rate. Look at the velocity of money. There are so many people staying home, not working or spending money, that they have to ship in millions of illegals just to maintain a semblance of an economy. Shut it down!

    2. "...confidentiality agreement prevents it from revealing details."
      Yeah right! Care to make a wager that the 1.5 mil was recovered, at least in part, from the company responsible for the mistake and the casino is trying to screw these ppl for no other reason then greed.
      If I were the judge I'd be demanding a copy of the agreement or rule in favor of the ppl.

    3. Kenneth BrooksMarch 22, 2015

      Wait a cotton pickin minute. Why does the casino get to sit on its hands and hold itself out as providing legitimate gaming withou I specting the nature of its games. This ruling is tantamount to allowing the casino to recklessly participate I. Illegal gaming any then hold the patrons liable for the casino's reckless disregard for the truth,is whether the cards were shuffled. Seems to me the patrons should counter she for fraud, unfair business practice, unclean hands, unjust enrichment and the like. Go get a lawyer and see what he says.

    4. Mick McNultyMarch 22, 2015

      The casino owners probably aren't mobsters but capitalists who have moved into the gaming industry. The mob knows they have to pay people who win fairly or else punters will risk their money elsewhere. Capitalists have yet to learn that lessen so until then gamblers would be better off trusting their stake money with the Mafia. They're more honest.

    5. GreenEagleMarch 22, 2015

      Hitler's vegetarianism was a result of rather severe stomach problems. There is no evidence that it sprung from any sort of concern for the welfare of the animals involved.

    6. Despite what the US has bloviated to the rest of the world, it is not the beacon of modern, brilliant health care, and never was.

    7. It's the responsibility of the casino to ensure that it's cards are shuffled, not the gamblers. If the casino has a problem with cards that have not been properly shuffled, they should take it up with their card supplier, not the card playing public. When I go to dinner at a restaurant, I don't ask the waiter if the chef has properly washed his hands before preparing my meal. How would the casino prove to the inquiring gambler that the cards being used had been shuffled prior to the hand being dealt? This is totally ridiculous! Only in AmeriKKKa!!!

    8. Another very disturbing thing about this is they would be giving away 544 MILLION acres of OUR land, not theirs, OURS!
      go to this site to find out just how bad things really are

    9. https://youtu.be/yVgOl3cETb4

    10. qweztionz5March 23, 2015

      American aristocracy, just like Europe. When do they start calling themselves princes and counts? We call them something similar but not quite already.


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