University Bans Hoop Skirts Because of Racist Overtones

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It isn't your everyday garb, but around UGA's Greek Row, pre-Civil War era hoop skirts like this one at Guise and Dolls Costumes have been worn at springtime events like Magnolia Ball hosted by SAE, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

But hoop skirts are going the way of the Confederate uniform, no longer acceptable at social fraternity and sorority events at UGA. The hoop skirt ban follows the racially charged video of SAE members at the University of Oklahoma.

No comment at the UGA SAE, but a university spokesman says Greek row leaders and student leaders halted the use of hoop skirts at a Monday meeting. 

"I think they're associated with the symbolic past in the minds of some students and we want everybody to be comfortable here" , said Tom Jackson, Vice President of Public Affairs at UGA. 

It's a proactive approach Wesley Etienne, a teacher in town for a high school technology competition, say he can appreciate.

"I know in good old America we have a lot of freedom we should be able to do whatever we want and make sure we respect each other", said Etienne.

But a couple of fashion merchandise students don't see the hoop skirt as a representation of the old south at all.

"It's not directly related to slavery and the confederacy and all that other stuff, the hoop skirts? Yeah, it's just a historical fashion", said Rebecca Watkins.

However, at least at UGA hoop skirts are a fashion statement out of step with modern times where a viral video can bring about social change.

"It's important that these things are discussed in an open forum as opposed to being shoved under the rug", said Seth Euster, a fraternity member.

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