University of California President Janet Napolitano Says ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This Crap’ As Students Protest Potential UC Tuition Hikes

University of California President Janet Napolitano remarked to a fellow regent that they “didn’t have to listen to this crap” as protesters denounced potential tuition hikes during a meeting Wednesday in San Francisco.
Napolitano was sitting next UC regent Chairman Bruce Varner as a group of about two dozen protesters shouted loudly, denouncing potential tuition hikes when she made the remark, which she may not have known was being recorded.
As the protests began, the cameras stayed on the regents. There was some confusion over what to do. That’s when Napolitano leans over to Varner and said, “Let’s just break. Let’s go, let’s go. We don’t have to listen to this crap.” Her hot mic caught the comment. 
Kristian Kim was one of the students protesting the 5% tuition increases every year for five years. “It’s an insult to have her as the president of UC,” said Kim.
To make their point loud and clear, a group of the protesters, including Kim, pulled their clothes off down to their underwear during the demonstration, revealing the words “Student Debt” written on their bodies.
“I don’t know where she’s coming from, but I’m assuming she’s never had to deal with these issues personally. So I can understand why there would be a disconnect there,” Kim said after learning about the “crap” comment.”
Shortly after Napolitano’s remark, the regents left the room and continued their meeting later.
The comment was a different tone from Napolitano at the very same meeting. “They want to be sure that their voices are being heard and I want to commit to them that their voices are being heard,” she said.


  1. Obama's latest idea stripped straight from Marixsm

  2. The Soviet Union had mandatory voting. "The Party" always won with 100% of the vote. So sure, let's violate our constitutional right to be left the hell alone so that our criminal government can say we approve of it.

  3. dougdigglerMarch 19, 2015

    Why did Jerry Brown appoint this horrible woman from out of state? Clearly Jerr-bear is angling for a plum appointment for himself as he approaches unelectability as Napolitano is nothing other than a Democratic Party hack, just like Jerry. We all know what people from Arizona think about education: they hate it and everything associated with it.

  4. European AmericanMarch 19, 2015

    Berkeley..Berkeley...wasn't that the school, back in the 60's, that had students with balls, who would have tarred and feathered this sleaze ball beach long ago?

  5. Mandatory voting...fine. However, only if there is a "non of the above" choice on the ballot and that choice is entered as well if i dont show up at the polls.

  6. Is this the same Janet Napolitano who used to be a guy from Pittsburgh?

  7. "Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance." - H. L. Mencken

  8. Perhaps this is why Napolitano was appointed in the first place. They were expecting a big student backlash as tuition costs vs. the value of a degree go in opposite directions, so they hired the Nazi Dominatrix From Hell to keep things under control. The regents may get what they paid for, but as the education bubble bursts the students never will.

  9. "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." -- Winston Churchill

    We will see a change in voting patterns when everyone receives a true education, not a government school dumbing-down. And that's the last thing either Dems or Repugs want to see.

  10. Lolla WossikyMarch 19, 2015

    I am always impressed by the absolute assurance with which arguments for mandatory voting are made. That it's only a matter of making it 'mandatory' and they'll have 100% turnout for sure. The possibility that people might not obey just does not exist for them. And, given the levels of brainwashing and dumbing down that have taken place, their assurance might be well justified.
    The Australians are always given as the example of how well it works and how easily the people accept it. The only other countries, at the time, to also find it acceptable were the USSR and Franco's Spain. But I wouldn't be surprised that given the advances in mass opinion creation technology over the years, this may longer be the case.

  11. Lolla WossikyMarch 19, 2015

    lol! Yea, if only. Before long (if not already) suggesting something like that will have you on a world-wide terrorist registry.

  12. KocksRcriminalsMarch 19, 2015

    They don't have to vote. They'll just be fined. Its a good idea.

  13. KocksRcriminalsMarch 19, 2015

    The Republicans are afraid to speak out against this idea because it exposes the fact they don't really want people to vote. They want people to ignore the stolen elections bought by the rich.


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