Vintage Posters Against Women Voting Are So Sexist (19 Pics)

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Before the 19th amendment came along in 1920, only men could cast votes in an election. The fight for women's rights was long and hard, and the suffragists were met with plenty of opposition from people who believed that women couldn't handle the responsibility of voting.

These posters and postcards depict some of the rampant sexism that raged during the suffragist movement, and man oh man (pun intended?), are they ridiculous.

1. Ah, the classic ugly, crazy women who can't get no man. Of COURSE these hags would dare to vote!
2. So ugly. So angry.
4. Careful, men! If the women start voting you might have to suffer the injustice OF LIVING THEIR LIFE FOR A FEW MINUTES.
5. Ah, romance.
6. I've always said that if you're scared of mice you can't handle voting. It's just a fact.
7. Pretty soon the ladies will be talking about men like they're objects! And that would be so unfair to do to human being, y'know?
8. Just look at those man-hating nutjobs!
9. It's like they're clowns in an emasculating circus.
10. This pamphlet has science on its side, folks, and science NEVER lies.
11. Hold onto your bonnet, you crazy lady, you!
12. Nobody's perfect!
13. How could a bunch of women ever help run a government when they're all so hormonal and emotional?
14. Pretty soon women will just be a bunch of disembodied heads with no purpose but to nag you into a life of frowns and smoking.
15. One can only imagine poor George's thoughts on the state of things nowadays.

16. Claaaaassic Mrs. Jones.
17. Suffragists are just silly, stupid little girls who need men to be happy...And they're apparently in need of a dictionary.
18. "To the devil island with you!" is my new favorite comeback.
19. If for nothing else, THINK OF THE DOGS, PEOPLE.

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