Woman shoots up McDonalds after they forgot to put bacon on her burger.

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 Comedy Central found humor in a woman who shot at a McDonald's after employees failed to put bacon on her hamburger.

"The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore" offered its take on the situation with a humorous, if not completely accurate, reenactment of the situation in a segment named "We Can't Believe This S--- So We Have to Act It Out Theater."
Shaneka Torres was convicted Wednesday, March 25, by a Kent County Circuit Court jury of shooting at an occupied building and felony use of a firearm. She faces a maximum of seven years in prison when sentenced April 21. 

Torres was returning to the McDonald's on 28th Street SE near Madison Avenue for the second time Feb. 9, 2014, to get a replacement burger after employees hours earlier had not given her a burger with the bacon she requested.
Upon her return to the McDonald's, her new burger also did not have bacon and she fired a bullet at the McDonald's. No one was injured in the shooting.
"In Shaneka's defense, they did forget the bacon - twice - in the same day," Wilbert told his audience on the show that aired Thursday, March 26. "I'm no lawyer, but that might hold up in court."

It, in fact, did not hold up and Torres is free on a $50,000 bond awaiting sentencing, meaning she had the opportunity to view the show.
This is not the first time the story has gained national and international attention. It also was featured by bombastic TV personality Nancy Grace on her show that ostensibly reports on court trials.

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