Abandoned Magpie Roams Free but Always Returns to Family that Rescued Her

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It was a cold and windy day when Cameron Bloom’s son Noah spotted her, a 3-week old Magpie that had fallen out of her nest and been abandoned by her mother. “She barely had any feathers … and she was close to dying,” Bloom recalls.
The Sydney-based family took her to their local vet where they were told it was possible to raise the chick but that magpies required a lot of time and care and needed to be fed regularly and often.
The family of five (three boys) were up for the challenge and nursed the abandoned magpie back to health. They named her Penguin and they made her a nest in one of the trees in their backyard. She comes and goes as she pleases but she always seems to come back to the family that rescued her.
Bloom, who is a professional photographer, has been documenting the relationship between Penguin and his family on the wildly popular Instagram account @penguinthemagpie, which now boasts over 68,000 followers. Be sure to check out the incredible feed that already features nearly 100 beautiful portraits of Penguin and the Bloom family.

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