Australia ends religious exemptions to vaccinations.

Doctors will be given incentive payments so that parents stick to their children’s vaccination schedule, and the one religious exemption to vaccinations will end, as part of a push by the federal government to boost the immunisation rate.
Social services minister Scott Morrison on Sunday announced that the only religious group currently able to claim religious exemptions for vaccinations, Christian Scientists, will no longer be able to do so.
Morrison said the exemption, in place since 1998, “is no longer current or necessary and will therefore be removed”.
“Having resolved this outstanding matter, the government will not be receiving nor authorising any further vaccination exemption applications from religious organisations,” he said.
Families will still be able to claim exemptions to vaccinations on medical grounds. “This will remain the sole ground for exemption under the Coalition government,” Morrison said.
Calls to representatives of Christian Science were not returned.
The tightening of the rules around exemptions is part of the government’s $26m package on boosting immunisation rates, which was due to be announced in detail on Sunday.
The package will include a public awareness campaign to sell the benefits of vaccinations to parents, the incentive payments for medical providers, and improved public vaccination records.
News Ltd reports that the current $6 incentive payment offered to medical professionals, which are designed to encourage GPs to contact families to remind them that their children are due for jabs, will be doubled to $12.
On Monday, the government announced that it would tighten up welfare eligibility for parents who fail to immunise their children. Families could lose out on the childcare benefit and rebate, and the Family Tax Benefit part A supplement.
“I believe most parents have genuine concerns about those who deliberately choose not to vaccinate their children and put the wider community at risk,” the health minister, Sussan Ley, said.
“However, it’s important parents also understand complacency presents as a much of a threat to immunisation rates and the safety of our children as conscientious objections do.”
A national immunisation register is reportedly also being proposed to keep track of vaccines given through school-based programs.
Labor has thrown its support behind the changes. “In many cases missed vaccinations are due to oversight rather than a specific objection,” a joint statement from opposition leader Bill Shorten, opposition families spokeswoman Jenny Macklin and opposition health spokeswoman Catherine King said.
“The establishment of a national immunisation register of school-based vaccinations will assist all parents to do the right thing by their children.”
“Labor also supports moves to explore a national immunisation register to enable adults to keep their vaccinations up to date.”
The Queensland health minister, Cameron Dick, welcomed Sunday’s announcements but told the ABC he was concerned that the issue of vaccine shortages, raised at the council of Australian governments meeting on Friday, had not been mentioned.


  1. hvaiallverdenApril 19, 2015

    The reason fo stating the obvious scam vaccines are, will never the less manifest it self when this mandatory insanity of this scam.
    Its like AGW, the drivell will continue, the coverups of reality will continue, the statistical flatout fakerings of everything regading effect of this vaccinse isnt even avaiable.

    When more people die of complications of this scam the measels vaccine, than of the "horrific" measels, witch havent killed anyone so far.
    When they have admitted spreading of measels by the vaccines and other complications, stil they claim its harmless.

    When they claim the Mercury suddenly have becomed good for you and oposes nooooooo danger, I smell evil.
    When the claim that direct injections into the blodd system, is the same as digesting, like Aluminium, I know they are lying, thrue their teeths.

    This compounds have been known to be dangerous since they day they started to manufacture it, it kills, massive dosses damages anything organic.
    I know its been documented for decades, specaly Mercury.

    Strage that one have to pinnpoint staggering obviousnesses to the people when this can be read everywhere, I only recomed to go to a place where they keep records of this medical implications of this heavy metals.
    Cadmium is one, that is a direct threat to the imune system and can cause autoimune dissordrs and problems, know for eons.
    But stil I am labeled anti-scientific, when everything I have writen is everywhere, just collect the data.
    And specaly daimond exavations/mines, where they have used Mercury for decades, and the damages it inflicted upon people living in the vinsity.
    Brasil is one ex.


  2. australia you are all screwed, your government is now a pure nazi government , better start thinking on how to get rid of your zionist government or else many of your will die,

  3. legal eagleApril 19, 2015

    The problem with vaccines is that Big Pharma piggy backs other junk in with he jab, and binds it all together using mercury based Thimerosol, which is a known causation for autism.
    Will these politicians, who seem to think that they are God, man up and accept responsibility for the illnesses caused by these toxic jabs or is that just something they will blow off as some unknown factor being the brave upright people that they are?
    There is a good reason they wanted Australians disarmed.

  4. legal eagleApril 19, 2015

    But, but, but ... they have lying and conniving down to an art form by now.

  5. Texas ArcaneApril 20, 2015

    Time for the Australian people to dig down inside their little walnut-sized brains and come up with the guts to kick both political parties out of office. No incumbents at the next election. No business as usual. Both parties are kicking the common man on either side of his head, Labor and Liberal need to GTFO and stay there.

  6. Texas ArcaneApril 20, 2015

    Australians are such gutless cowards they would find it easier to just die than oppose their government. They worship the State the way people in the Dark Ages worshipped the Church.

  7. Texas ArcaneApril 20, 2015

    Australians are a nation of cuckolds doomed to end up in mass graves one way or another. It is their destiny and what they want. They already have the highest suicide rates in the world, they are finishing themselves off for the government.


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