Dogs killed over unpaid fines

California resident Gerilynn Aflleje was horrified when her 4-year-old Siberian Husky mix was killed by a local animal shelter over $180 in fees that she couldn't afford.

Her dog, Chunk, had been dropped off at the Stockton shelter after getting lost in 2013, she later explained at a city council meeting. When Aflleje discovered her dog there less than a week later, she said the shelter demanded $180 within 24 hours for storing Chunk.

Unemployed, Aflleje couldn't get the money in time. "We didn't only lose our pet. We lost a family member," she said.

In a number of cities across the country, animal control agencies are aggressively going after pet owners with big fines for small violations. Some hold people's pets until they settle their bills, even if it means they end up killed. Others leave the dogs alone but issue arrest warrants for owners who can't pay up.

The infractions can include failing to license a pet, owning a dog that barks a lot, or accidentally letting an animal get loose in the neighborhood. But the penalties are serious, often amounting to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So are the consequences. When owners of seized or lost dogs can't afford to get their pets back, they relinquish their rights to the animal, which can result in a pet being euthanized. Meanwhile, a CNNMoney analysis of active warrants from a sampling of 15 cities and counties across the country found thousands of outstanding warrants for small pet-related offenses.

Outraged pet owners and animal rights attorneys say these harsh tactics are all about generating money and unfairly impact low-income Americans.

But animal control agencies, which are run by local governments or contractors, say the fees and fines they collect help them to do their jobs and pay for things like storing animals. They also say their rules are meant to encourage responsible pet ownership and keep neighborhoods and animals safe.

The ASPCA, an animal welfare non-profit, said enforcement efforts are "typically rooted in good intentions" but they can have "unintended consequences" that can lead to owners losing their pets.

After coming under fire for alleged mistreatment of animals, Stockton has overhauled its shelter policies by lowering fees, facilitating more animal adoptions, and trying harder to reunite lost and seized pets with their owners -- all of which the shelter claims has resulted in a steep drop in euthanizations, from more than 75% of animals at the shelter in 2012 to 25% last year. It still faces a lawsuit filed by an animal rights group that alleges animal abuse, though the shelter says many of the allegations were already being addressed.

But aggressive tactics are still common elsewhere.

Indio, California resident Elizabeth Vasquez says that animal control officers seized her two dogs, Silver and Canelo, for being loose in the neighborhood and fined her $500. She claims they were secure in her backyard at the time.

She used her grocery money to pay $200 -- enough to get Canelo back. But animal control killed Silver before she could scrape together enough cash to get the dog out, says Vasquez, who speaks only Spanish.

Allan Drusys, chief veterinarian for Riverside County -- which took over Indio's animal services in 2013 -- said Vasquez's dogs were loose and picked up as part of a routine sweep for stray dogs and that a payment plan should have been made available to her.

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  2. desertspeaksApril 13, 2015

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  3. Even StevenApril 14, 2015

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