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Rapid growth in Islamic adherents means more jihadists.
Religion is on the rise worldwide. Those who believe in a supreme being and an afterlife are being joined by more and more people each year. While Christianity currently has the largest numbers of adherents, Islam is on pace to surpass it.
According to a Pew Research report, if current growth levels are sustained, Islam will meet or surpass Christianity as the most practiced religion by 2050.

While much of that growth is expected to occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, the proportion of Muslims is expected grow in the United States and Europe, as well.

In the United States, the report expects Islam to gain in numbers by 0.3% over the next 35 years. That would put the Muslim population at around 2.1% of that of the United States. Those numbers are expected to exceed those of Jewish Americans.
Whereas Christianity is expected to grow by 35% over the next 35 years, Islam’s growth could be more than double that. The report predicts a 75% growth rate for Islam during the same time period.
All religions are expected make gains, except Buddhism which may experience a slight decline in adherents during the next three decades. But Islam is the only major religion expected to grow faster than the world’s population.
The trend is troubling to many, as with such an increase of Muslims comes an increase in those who prescribe to radical jihadist ideas.

While as many as 80% of Muslims are considered moderate and non-violent, with 1.6 billion followers worldwide, that still leaves a population comparable to that of the United States of Islamic followers who do believe in violent jihad. If that population increases by 75% there could be as many as 560 million followers of radical jihad by the year 2050.

Radical Islam is already a major destabilizing force in many regions around the globe. If the number of its followers does nearly double over the next three decades, it could have major consequences for world stability.

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