Obama praises South Korea for paying teachers as much as doctors, engineers


Obama’s latest “airhead” moment comes in the form of praise he decided to heap on South Korea for paying teachers as much as doctors and engineers.
There’s just one problem.
It’s not true.
From Korea Times:
“My sister was a teacher, and so I know how little she got paid. It’s hard to support a family. And there are a lot of young people who are really talented who want to go into teaching,” Obama said in a town hall meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Wednesday.
“In places like Korea and Finland, where the education system is really doing well, teachers are paid at the level that doctors and engineers are paid, and it is respected as a profession,” he said.
But Wednesday’s statement about teachers’ pay is far from reality. Doctors are one of the highest-paid professions in South Korea, not on par with teachers in terms of pay.
So how much does a teacher and a doctor make in South Korea?
Indeed.com, a company that measures average wages for professions based on salaries advertised on recruitment ads, found the average teacher’s wage in Seoul is $55,000 where as a physician’s wage is $86,000 and an engineer’s is $89,000.
When searching the wage for a “doctor” the average wage is $67,000.
If the numbers above are accurate, then it’s pretty clear teachers don’t actually make as much as doctors in South Korea, and Obama has once again stuck his foot in his mouth by talking about things he knows nothing about.
Teaching is an important position, as it’s not just about giving children facts, but instructing them to engage worldviews on their own.
This is called “critical thinking,” and unfortunately, schools here in America no longer teach this important skill, opting instead to force progressive Kool-Aid down the intellectual gullets of our children in hopes of popping out a future generation of statist robots.
There’s an easy solution to the problem of underpaid teachers. Remove the federal government from the equation and kick teacher’s unions to the curb.
Allow state and local governments to handle education and make teaching a performance based profession instead of a protected government job where you can basically do nothing, completely underperform, and waste tax dollars without being concerned about being fired.
Or, we could go full tilt radical and privatize the education system. Teachers would have to do a dang good job instructing their students to earn their pay, and would be rewarded for their hard work with higher wages.
This produces higher incentives to perform better, makes schools compete with each other for students, and gives parents complete control over where they send their kids to be educated.
Probably won’t happen any time soon, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it did?
Then, teachers might really be paid the same as doctors.


  1. legal eeagleApril 17, 2015

    You know you live in a police state when the cops can commit crimes and get a pass while if you were to do the same thing you wouldn't see the light of day for YEARS, and then that would dog you for the rest of your life. Respect the badge my ass.

  2. The Concerned CitizenApril 17, 2015

    Think about it: teachers are way more important to a corrupt regime since than doctors or engineers. They are the tip of the spear in spreading the propaganda vomited up by the state to keep the criminal enterprise going. NO WONDER Obama sees the value in this. He slams "conspiracy theorists" (Truth Detectors) so we should not be surprised that this CIA create asset, er, uh, I mean pResident (Ugh, sticky shift key!) is so admiring toward a totalitarian regime that actually does what he wants to do but cannot.

  3. dougdigglerApril 17, 2015

    This site is a cesspool.

  4. In Edward Bernay's 'perception is everything' America,
    what's the truth have to do with anything?

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    t stop spamming me.


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