This US City Is Being Called The “Arab Capitol” of North America

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America is still the beacon of happiness and liberty that it has always been since 1776. Over the last decade, thousands of Iraqi refugees have fled the violence and poverty of the Middle East to legally relocate to the United States.
And more than any other North American city, they call Dearborn, Michigan “home” 
More than 30,000 Arab people call Dearborn, Michigan, home.
The Detroit suburb is the kind of place where Arabic speakers can walk into their local grocery and be spoken to in a language they recognize. The markets, businesses, mosques, and Islamic schools surround residents with reminders of the countries they left behind. …

Located just outside of Detroit, the city of Dearborn is home to the nation’s most densely populated Arab community.
When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, Middle Eastern families began to flee their war-torn countries in search of safety and prosperity. Many came to Dearborn, where a Lebanese enclave formed after the first Gulf War.
Today, over 30% of Dearborn’s 98,000 residents are of Arab descent. While intolerance occasionally crops up among local protesters and bloggers, the community finds strength and solidarity in numbers. …

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