101 year old man pulled out of rubble alive one week after Nepal earthquake.

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A 101-year-old man has been pulled alive from the rubble of his home more than a week after the earthquake in Nepal, according to the AFP news agency.
Funchu Tamang was rescued on Saturday and is now in hospital in the Nuwakot district, north-west of Kathmandu, with only minor injuries, police official Arun Kumar Singh said.
He said: "He was brought to the district hospital in a helicopter. His condition is stable.
"He has injuries on his left ankle and hand. His family is with him."
Three women were also rescued on Sunday from rubble in Sindupalchowk - one of the districts which was hit worst by the quake. 
One had been buried by a landslide, with the other two were underneath a collapsed building.
Nepal's government ruled out finding any more survivors in Kathmandu on Saturday.
Rescue teams from more than 20 countries have been using sniffer dogs and thermal-imaging equipment to find survivors, but outside the capital the search is largely being carried out by police officers and the military. 
It comes after Nepal was forced to partially close its only international airport because the single runway has been unable to cope with aid aircraft arriving after last month's earthquake.
Concerns have increased over the speed that aid is getting to people affected by the quake, with people complaining about a lack of temporary shelters as many sleep outside because of the fear of aftershocks causing more buildings to collapse.
The airport in Kathmandu was closed on Sunday to large aircraft, although officials still allowed smaller jets to land. The UN's head of humanitarian affairs Valerie Amos has said she is "extremely concerned" that Nepal's customs authorities are also slowing the delivery of aid.
She said: "I was extremely concerned to hear reports that customs was taking such a long time.

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