Age Of Happiness These 60-And-Older Seniors Will Destroy Your Age Stereotypes (28 Pics)

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How old do you think the pole dancing woman is pictured above? You might be surprised to learn she’s 61-years-old, but that’s why you can’t trust stereotypes about age. Age really means nothing; it’s simply a number not a definition of an individual’s capabilities.

One person runs marathons at 61, while another person of the same age can’t run down the block. One secret to postponing aging is never listening to age-based stereotypes.

Photographer Vladimir Yakovlev has created a photo project that dispels all rumors about getting older. Age Of Happiness includes portraits of people that continue to enjoy their favorite things despite being 70, 80, or even 100-years-old. Meet some of Yakovlev’s subjects and other inspirational seniors that destroy all age stereotypes.

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