Boondoggle HQ: The U.S. military built a lavish headquarters in Afghanistan that wasn’t needed, wasn’t wanted and wasn’t ever used—at a cost to American taxpayers of at least $25 million

This is a story about how the U.S. military built a lavish headquarters in Afghanistan that wasn’t needed, wasn’t wanted and wasn’t ever used—at a cost to American taxpayers of at least $25 million.
From start to finish, this 64,000-square-foot mistake could easily have been avoided. Not one, not two, but three generals tried to kill it. And they were overruled, not because they were wrong, but seemingly because no one wanted to cancel a project Congress had already given them money to build.
In the process, the story of “64K” reveals a larger truth: Once wartime spending gets rolling there’s almost no stopping it. In Afghanistan, the reconstruction effort alone has cost $109 billion, with questionable results. 
The 64K project was meant for troops due to flood the country during the temporary surge in 2010. But even under the most optimistic estimates, the project wouldn’t be completed until six months after those troops would start going home.
Along the way, the state-of-the-art building, plopped in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, nearly doubled in cost and became a running joke among Marines. The Pentagon could have halted construction at many points—64K made it through five military reviews over two years—but didn’t, saying it wanted the building just in case U.S. troops ended up staying. (They didn’t.)
The Pentagon brass chalked up their decisions on the project to the inherent uncertainty of executing America’s longest war and found no wrongdoing. To them, 64K’s beginning, middle and end “was prudent.”
The $25-million price tag is a conservative number. The military also built roads and major utilities for the base at a cost of more than $20 million, some of it for 64K.
Ultimately, this story is but one chapter in a very thick book that few read. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction routinely documents jaw-dropping waste, but garners only fleeting attention. Just like the special inspector general for Iraq did with its own reports.


  1. they won't pay a dime. accountants will inflate the fines on their tax returns to a level where the entire fine will be paid by the government of the country where the institutions headquarters are. this is what happens when populations are lulled to sleep

  2. PaulFrancisMay 21, 2015

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  3. Edward HugueninMay 21, 2015

    We are endangered by this strain of fact-resistant Bush Family members.

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  5. I'm fine with corporate personhood as long as the corporation gets treated just like a person. If the law says the punishment for a crime is a year in prison, send all of the employees home and chain the doors shut for a year. If the corporation kills someone that would get capital punishment for a real human, sell all of its assets at auction and declare the corporate person "dead". These fines that amount to a cut of the action are nothing more than a mafia racket where organized crime (the government in this case) is okay with whatever you do as long as they get their slice if it took place on their turf.

  6. The old steal 10 billion get a 200 million fine, trick.

  7. Pravda01May 22, 2015

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  8. ddearbornMay 22, 2015


    "Here we have a staggering series of crimes that did very real damage to thousands of people" You have got to be kidding! Rigging interest rates effected nearly every man women and child in the Western World, if not the entire planet. Rigging interest rates effects virtually every aspect of the financial world. It's ripple effects are so large as to be almost unimaginable. It was one of the biggest robberies in the history of mankind.

    These 5 banks profited to the tune of at least a 1/4 TRILLION dollars. And yet, they only payed a paltry tax deductible 5 Billion in "fines" and not a single person was even charged, let alone sent to jail. And thus once more seeds of revolution are sown.

    Each and every bank who admitted guilt should have immediately been shut down, their assets seized, all officers arrested and jailed and sentenced to life withoujt parole. The depositors should have had their monies returned. And the share holders should GET NOTHING. The bond holders should get NOTHING, and the creditor should get NOTHING. These 3 groups all know that the banks are criminal enterprises and actively participated in an received benefits from those crimes. Not that there actually would be anything left. These banks are broke. But at the very least justice would have been served and the people would be protected from 5 criminal predatory banks.

  9. It is extremely dubious that:
    A. The climate is changing in any abnormal manner,
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    ALL of the above must be established to justify AGW policies. None have been.


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