He Lived His Entire Life With No Name or Family, But One Community Made A Vow He Would Not Be Alone

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Two hundred strangers came together in Edinburgh, Scotland, to pay tribute to a person who didn’t have a name, had no obvious family, and who never had much of a chance at life.
A local pastor oversaw the proceedings, the Scottish version of the Patriot Guard provided a motorcade, a Muslim Imam and a representative of the Sihk community came in support, and hundreds of people came as witnesses. 
It was all to celebrate the little life of a baby boy born and then abandoned on a path near the graveyard two years ago. His mother has never been identified, but on Saturday, complete strangers came together to give the boy a family-like burial. 
Opposing Views reports that one of the people who came, Dee Urquhart, was initially moved when she learned the baby’s story, but even more so when she realized she wasn’t the only one:
“It just breaks my heart. I told my husband that I wanted to come here as I didn’t want the baby to be buried alone, and then I saw hundreds of people here and leaving all the flowers and soft toys. It’s nice to see that there are so many caring people out there.”

Read More:https://www.ijreview.com/2015/05/313512-started-life-no-name-family-scottish-community-made-vow-not-alone/ 

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