Insane Democrats want to LIMIT how you purchase Ammo by doing THIS

Because Democrats have nothing better to do that sit around with their thumbs up their behinds they often come up with seriously stupid ideas regarding gun control.
Their latest scheme to “prevent gun violence” is to limit the sales of ammunition over the internet.

Thirty-one House Democrats have proposed legislation that would prevent people from buying ammunition online, and would instead require all purchases to be made in person — a change they admit is aimed at preventing people from buying “unlimited” ammunition over the Internet…
“Far too many times, we have seen the shocking images of unspeakable gun violence that could have been prevented,” he wrote.
“Our bill to limit the online sale of ammunition is a long-overdue common sense reform that I am hopeful will spark Congress to put aside party difference and come together to help prevent such senseless tragedies.”
“Reforming the unregulated online ammo market could prevent next gun tragedy,” he said.
The trouble for Democrats is that Republicans see attempts to limit access to ammunition as attempts to undermine the Second Amendment to the Constitution.
Republicans just went through a similar fight, when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released a regulation that tried to ban a widely used type of ammunition used in the popular AR-15 rifle.
Notice these psychos always use the word “common sense” when discussing their insane ideas about gun control?
You can probably bet big money these people have never stepped foot into an inner city where gun violence is actually a problem.
Do they really think purchasing ammo over the internet somehow fuels gun violence? Is anyone really that incredibly moronic? (Okay rhetorical question – we’re talking Democrats and gun control)
These people are such COWARDS they will never actually talk about the places where gun violence is actually an issue – inner cities.
They will never discuss why gun violence is an issue in the inner cities because they’d have to get a huge smack in the face of reality that they helped build the deplorable conditions there.
These people don’t care about gun violence, they care about control.

This has got to be one of the more stupid ideas regarding gun control that many have seen in a while. Leave it to Democrats to come up with it.

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  1. darthangelMay 14, 2015

    This is also one of the driving forces behind Obama trying to restart the cold war and risk world war three. He knows the Russians have no interest in the homosexual agenda and within a generation or two, if we adopt it and they don't, it will become painfully obvious which nation chose more wisely. So we have to force Russia to adopt the same agenda. Obviously there are other factors, but the administration has made clear that this is part of the reason it considers Russia an enemy. We are doing the same thing in many middle-eastern nation, we simply cannot afford to adopt this agenda ourselves unless we use force and violence to force the entire world to adopt it with us.

  2. Berry Soetoro, A.K.A. Barrack Obama, was raised by a Tranny Nanny.
    Is married to our First Tranny, and frequented the Gay Bath houses of Chicago.
    Do you think he might be a little biased?

    Dead Shortly after this comment

    The Breakdown:

    Raised by a Tranny Nanny:

    Obama's Gay Connection:

  3. Chris SkyMay 14, 2015

    ahh "political correctness" the best way to brainwash and manipulate people into doing which you want, by putting taboos on being "Allowed" to act, speak or think a certain way... and that's what all this Gaywashing is REALLY about.... ACCEPTANCE... when you get the IDEA accross that you must ACCEPT whatever AGENDA is deemed "politically correct" you can literally be made to do whatever the Government wishes. ;)

  4. robertsgt40May 14, 2015

    This will continue until the states grow some cajones. Feds threaten to pull funds from states? How about states withholding tax revenues that the feds were going to send?

  5. Pop_KornMay 14, 2015

    It's tiring work destroying a nation.

  6. Donald ShawverMay 14, 2015

    Thomas Jefferson said their are two enemies to the people. The criminal and the Government. He never knew what was coming. When the police become the criminal, and they are, the Government is behind it.

  7. SpeedersKillMay 14, 2015

    Our First Tranny Mooch is the worst of the two when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

  8. Jolly RogerMay 15, 2015

    Break 'em in while they're young, Obama. That will give you and your buddies in congress more little boys to choose from after CPS steals all the cute ones from their families.

    The gay crack-head in the White House who thinks he's our president wants his dirty, stinking, homosexual hands on YOUR child. THAT'S what this is about.

    You better arm-up and get ready to defend yourself, your nation, and your family or the Zionist pigs that hold Obama's puppet strings will take it all, and torture you in the process.


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