Judge orders woman to walk 30 miles, the length of trip, for bailing on cab fare

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In Lake County, Judge Michael A. Cicconetti is known for giving people a taste of their own medicine and Thursday's sentencing did not disappoint. 
Creative Cicconetti is known for finding punishments that fit the crime more closely than you imagined and Friday Victoria Bascom began her journey to justice.

Prosecutors say Bascom called a cab to take her from Cleveland to Painesville. After arriving at her destination, she bailed without paying.

Bascom was found guilty so Judge Cicconetti gave her a sentence of her choice: either serve 60 days in the Lake County Jail or walk 30 miles within 48 hours. Why 30 miles? That is how far the taxi drove her.

Bascom chose the latter and began walking at the Lake County Fairgrounds Friday afternoon.

Bascom was also sentenced to four months probation and ordered to pay United Cab $100 in restitution.

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