There is no US state where the minimum wage will pay the rent: At least 60 to over 80 hours a week needed for market-rate one bedroom apartment

A San Francisco household would need to make $39.65 an hour to afford the market rent for a two-bedroom apartment, according to a new report that highlights a wide gap between stagnant incomes and rising rents in many parts of the country.
Around the country, renter households would need to make $19.35 an hour working full time to afford a two-bedroom unit, which is $4 more than the estimated average wage of U.S. workers, according to the report released Tuesday by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
Rental affordability has grown as a challenge in recent years due to a number of factors, including increasing demand as more people choose to rent or are forced to because they can’t get mortgages; a relative lack of rental construction in recent years in comparison to past cycles; and stagnant wage growth.
There is no state in the country where someone earning either the state or federal minimum wage can afford a market-rate one-bedroom apartment, according to the report. A minimum wage worker would need to work 86 hours per week to afford a one-bedroom apartment.
The researchers looked at much a family would need to make to keep its rental costs at a reasonable level–30% of its income–to afford rent and utilities on a modest rental unit in a short amount of time, as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
San Francisco was the most expensive metropolitan area, followed closely by Stamford-Norwalk in Connecticut, where a typical two-bedroom apartment demands that income earners in the household make a combined $37.37 an hour working full-time, according to the report.
The most difficult state in which to afford rent was Hawaii, where a household would need to make $31.61 an hour to afford a two-bedroom rental, meaning you would need to work more than 4 full-time jobs at minimum wage to afford an apartment.
Close behind were Washington, D.C., where households need to earn $28.04 to afford a two-bedroom apartment, and California, where rent demands a household earn $26.65 an hour. In both of those places, households would need to work three minimum-wage jobs to make rent on a two-bedroom home.


  1. Not until a policeman is held accountable for cases of abuse will this kind of thing stop!

  2. hvaiallverdenMay 23, 2015

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    Karma is a bitch.


  3. Justin ThoughtMay 23, 2015

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    But "O'Callaghan's attorney, Robert Rico,
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    Right. She threatened something, then was recorded on video doing that something, but she didn't do that something.

    Oh, okay. She didn't do it. "Not guilty!" Bang!

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  5. legal eagleMay 23, 2015

    ASSAULT TRIAL ????? WTF! this is a clear case of manslaughter. And these guys actually do not understand how someone could stalk and assassinate cops. They really are thick as bricks and twice as dumb.

    And the there is the solution:

  6. legal eagleMay 23, 2015

    warrantless searches using flying machines huh? sounds like moving target practice for that new crossbow

  7. robertsgt40May 23, 2015

    Imagine my shock. Wait til they're armed. I'm sure that never crossed their minds.

  8. David MowersMay 23, 2015

    145 million (working) Americans earn 20 grand a year or less.

  9. What did medical examiners claim was the cause of death?

  10. freewheelinfranklin543May 23, 2015

    And so she did!

  11. It appears many of these officers are sadistic and should not be in this type of position.

  12. BellsNwhistlesMay 24, 2015

    That same boot will soon be on your throat and stomping on your parts if she gets away with this,

  13. And if Iranians can commandeer a US spy drone, and safely land it?
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  14. Robbie CheneyMay 24, 2015

    the LAPD has been shown over and over again to be a criminal organization. Can't defend it.

  15. Michelle LeeMay 24, 2015

    Screw you!

  16. Michelle LeeMay 24, 2015

    Words that should make your hair stand straight up are: WE ARE THE GOV AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP!


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