Guess How This Illegal Alien Thanked Those Who Saved His Life?

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 We have seen the Obama Administration bend over backwards to encourage illegal aliens to come and stay in America.  The Administration has consistently disregarded the rights and safety of American citizens to ensure loyalty and votes from as many illegal aliens as possible.
But, now an illegal alien in Colorado has crossed over a line of decency that all Americans should stand up and protest.  TheConservative Tribune reports:
Under President Barack Obama’s watch, illegal aliens have become empowered inside the United States — stealing jobs from legal citizens and taking advantage of an out-of-control welfare system.

But one Colorado illegal alien, Roy Ortiz, took it to a whole new level when his ambulance-chasing attorney, Ed Ferszt, filed a lawsuit on Ortiz’s behalf against a group of first responders who teamed up to save his life after being trapped in a vehicle that was swept away by flash flood waters.
How could anyone, let alone an illegal alien, sue the very people who were instrumental in saving his life? According to Ortiz, “I’m looking for some help with my bills.”
Ferszt and Ortiz filed a staggering $500,000 lawsuit against several Boulder County sheriff’s deputies, a member of the Westminster dive team, Broomfield and the North Metro Fire Rescue District for failing to rescue him from his vehicle in a timely manner.
Yes, you did read that right!  An illegal alien whose life was saved by various first responders from a trapped vehicle in a flash flood has turned around and sued them for half a million dollars!
And, more unbelievable is his reason – he needs help paying his bills!
Now, to be absolutely fair to Mr. Ortiz, I seriously doubt he came up with this plan on his own.  He was most likely coached to do this by a predatory lawyer working for a hefty commission.
This story screams for justice on two counts.  First, this illegal alien needs to be deported immediately.  He has U.S. citizens to thank for his life.  Now, he can go back to his home country with that gift from the people of America.
Second, this lawyer needs to be disbarred.  He is a poster boy for legal reform.  Lawyers who perform in such a reprehensible manner need to be stripped of their law licenses.
People put their lives on the line to save his “client.”  Now, he wants to raid their pocket books as a “thank you”?  Colorado can do without such an attorney.
Conservative Tribune adds more details about the case:
Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson interviewed the two and in dramatic fashion, outed Ortiz as an illegal alien, which made Ferszt jump around in his chair a bit.
It’s safe to assume he didn’t want to publicize the fact that his client is a criminal.
When Carlson asked Ferszt why the amount of money in the lawsuit was so high, he claimed that Colorado laws forced them to file for a high amount to “lock in any claims” in the future.
Even worse, Ferszt tried to legitimize the lawsuit as if it were perfectly acceptable and normal to file suit against a group of men and women who just risked their own lives to save his client (H/T Top Right News).
This story highlights two very serious problems in America that must be addressed once we get real leadership in Congress again.  First, if we don’t soon get serious about dealing with all the illegal aliens here, stupid lawsuits like this will multiply all across the country.
Thousands of illegals will be coached by slimy lawyers to get rich on other people’s backs in some way.
And second, if we don’t demand legal reform in this nation, soon the only people with any money left will be professional politicians and lawyers.  In far too many situations already, they are one in the same.  Around 70% of Congress is made up of lawyers.

We can only hope that these brave first responders in Colorado have a judge hearing the case who has half an ounce of common sense.

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