Hillary Clinton Takes $200K to Speak to Boys & Girls Club; Then Ignores the Children

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More and more information seems to be coming out about what a tool Hillary Clinton is in ‘real life.’
Not that anyone thinks anything otherwise, unless you are a Clinton sheeple.
From DailyMail UK:
Hillary Clinton reportedly charged a Boys and Girls Club chapter $200,000 for an appearance, then left the premise without saying hello to children who benefit from the program.
The massive fee, which she donated back to her family foundation, was the largest the Long Beach, California, organization had ever paid a public figure for a speech, Politico reports.
By contrast, the club made $106,000 off the lunchtime, charity event – it’s lowest yield in 25 years. A contributing factor to the diminished proceeds: Clinton’s large entourage that took up seats that would have otherwise been sold to donors.

The details of the 2014 closed-press event were published in a Politico report today that cites a volunteer with the group as the source of the unflattering information.
Normally, speakers donate much of their honorariums back to the small, non-profit that has an annual operating budget of just $3 million.
The former secretary of state redirected her check to the Clinton Foundation, which raked in $262 million in 2013, according to a Washington Post assessment released earlier this year following the group’s latest disclosures.
Well isn’t she special? It’s understandable to get paid travel expenses but the Boys and Girls Club made back only a little over half of what Clinton charged them. Usually non-profits hope to make much more.
And rather than give back much of her fee like others usually do, she sent it right back to her corrupt Clinton Foundation.
On top of that she didn’t even stop and chit chat with these underprivileged kids who were forced to sit through her speech? You’d think she would have done it just for the public relations photo opportunities.

So much for ‘caring about the children.’ Hell, keep this women AWAY from children.
Bill Clinton apparently did the same thing when he spoke for them only he put the money is his own pocket instead of the Foundation’s coffers.
At least some people are reporting on just how bad Hillary is in reality. It’s amazing she has any supporters.

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