45 ISIS Soldiers Sat Down For Dinner; But Forgot To Check Who Cooked Their Meal

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We hear bad news about ISIS all the time as they continue to torture and kill throughout the goal to spread their terror across the globe.
However, every once in a while, some good news pops up.
This time, 45 out of 145 ISIS members dropped dead after their food was poisoned during a Ramadan dinner.

Ahh, music to my ears.
Iraqi state media has reported that 45 ISIS militants died after eating poisoned food during an Iftar dinner, which is celebrated during the annual Ramadan fasting.
Haaretz reported that 145 ISIS fighters participated in the meal and 45 of them died shortly after, noting that the attack took place in Mosul, Iraq, which was been controlled by ISIS for more than a year.
Whether the poisonings were intended or by accident has yet to be confirmed.
However, this may not have been the first time ISIS reportedly suffered casualties as a result of poisoned food.
The Mirror reported last November an attack involved members of the Syrian Free Army infiltrating ISIS with poison. Rebel soldiers posed as chefs and poisoned dozens of ISIS militants at the Fath El-Sahel camp in Syria.
Although, multiple outlets have since questioned the legitimacy of the original report, stating that the same story may have been recycled over the past months.
Even if the poisoning of the militant’s group food isn’t a recurring event, it should be. Hopefully rebels can continue to infiltrate ISIS and send some of the bloodthirsty killers to the underworld in which they belong.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to do nothing to eliminate this barbarian group of murderers.
He has even recently said in a press conference that guns won’t beat ISIS, but don’t worry — “ideologies” will.
Our own leader we voted in doesn’t even care to save his country from evil. We can only hope that the next president comes quickly enough and saves us from this mess he made.

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