Astonishing drought unveils lost Wild West town that has been submerged under Nevada's Lake Mead since 1935 (13 Pics)

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It has been submerged in water for more than 80 years.
But now, following this summer's record drought, Lake Mead has almost completely dried up, revealing entire towns that disappeared decades ago.
And tourists are flooding in.
Revealed: The stone ruins of St Thomas, an abandoned Old West town, have been unveiled inside Lake Mead thanks to the drought

Before: In 1970 (pictured) the reservoir was filled with water which visitors would sail across

In 2014: This recent shot of Lake Mead shows a much more shallow reservoir than usual. Water used to be feet from the top of this structure

In 2007: Just eight years ago, water filled out much more of the reservoir, which was built to provide water to the region

In 1950: Shortly after the dam was built, water filled the valley to the brim. It continued to increase in water levels until 1983 - its peak

Now: Tourists are flocking to the region to see the region which went from desert land to water bed and back to desert land in 80 years

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