Fascinating photo series documents scenes from home windows in 27 countries from the USA to Portugal (30 Pics)

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A woman from Ragaciems, Latvia, submitted this gorgeous, calming countryside view as part of the View From Here photo series

In the Eastern European capital of Bucharest, a man called Cristian admits that spring and summer are the optimal times to live in his neighbourhood of concrete apartment blocks

A woman named Melissa in Miami, Florida, loves the animals that inhabit the lake, which she can see from her apartment window

Waqar, who lives in Lahore, Pakistan, revealed that he doesn't like the area he lives in, only staying there because he doesn't have another option

A submitter called Mar, who was only in town for a few days, submitted this cityscape of Vina del Mar, Chile

In the heart of the Salt Lake Valley, a woman living in the town of Murray, Utah, is close enough to the building opposite that she can see inside almost every window

A man in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, faces onto a busy main road, though he insists the urban sprawl makes him feel inspired and relaxed

Guillaume sees daily evidence of his neighbourhood, in Uberlandia, Brazil, evolving, as buildings pop up and newcomers move in

From the 26th floor, an Abu Dhabi resident called Uros has a stunning view both during the day and in the evening when it lights up

A man called Bruno in Estarreja, Portugal, faces onto the salt fields and nearby river walkway, where many people run and walk daily

In Manila, Philippines, multi-coloured buildings are the norm, with resident Leandro describes it as an urban kaleidoscope

During the day, crows can be seen outside the old homes in Kolkata, but by evening, it's more common to see dogs roaming the streets

A resident of Glasgow, Manali, admits to feeling disconnected and isolated from the tiny houses and roads visible from the window

A woman in London, who faces onto a concrete block of flats, reveals she's looking forward to the day when the ugly building is demolished and the nearby park will come into clear view

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