Massive Public School Cheating Scandal EXPOSED

 Between Outcomes-based Education, No Child Left Behind, and now Common Core, the U.S Dept of Education has wasted more taxpayer money on faulty education schemes over the past three decades than was needed to educate America’s children for the first 200 years.
One of the sad developments of all of this federal control of education has been mandated test scores that each district must achieve to continue receiving funding.  And, what has resulted from these mandates has been a rash of cheating in public school systems, (not just by students, mind you), but by teachers and administrators.
The most recent case comes out of Philadelphia where several teachers and a principal have been implicated.  NBC 10 reports:
For five years, teachers and the principal of a Philadelphia elementary school allegedly engaged in an cheating operation to raise test scores for a state standardized exam, Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor said on Thursday morning.

Now, they face criminal charges.
Five educators — four teachers and their principal — at Cayuga Elementary School in the Hunting Park section of the city allegedly changed or provided answers to students and reviewed test questions for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) before giving the exam, according to Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane.
“Cheating robs children of a good education and hurts kids and families,” Kane said in a statement. “The alleged misconduct by these educators is an affront to the public’s trust and will not be tolerated.”
PA AG Kane, a Democrat, is herself under investigation for various felony accusations.  She may not seem like the best person to investigate this matter, but at least charges are pending.

NBC 10 provides more details about how the cheating was done:
From 2007 through 2012, principal Evelyn Cortez and teachers Jennifer Hughes, Lorraine Vicente, Rita Wyszynski and Ary Sloane allegedly instructed students to record test answers on scrap paper so their work could be checked, a grand jury investigation found.
Cortez “blatantly promoted” the act over the PA system at the nearly 450 student school, the AG’s Office said.
Prosecutors said the grand jury also found the principal allegedly walked through classrooms during the testing, looked over students’ shoulders and tapped their test booklet to indicate the answer needed to be changed.
Testifying before the grand jury, one teacher said Wyszynski admitted she, Sloane and Cortez would at times come into school on Saturday and change test answers, a grand jury report stated.
The high test scores led to accolades from district officials and even a promotion for Sloan, who became the principal of another district school.
These kinds of problems exist in public schools where personal incentives outweigh morality.  We should not be surprised at this when school officials put their own careers ahead of their students’ educations.

But, once the cheating was stopped, reality set in for the students and the school’s test scores as NBC 10 reveals:
Once the alleged cheating stopped in 2012, prosecutors say the school’s PSSA scores plummeted across all grades and subjects.
According to the School District of Philadelphia, math PSSA test scores for 3rd grade Cayuga students dropped from 63 percent to 30 percent from 2011 to 2012 — when the alleged cheating ended. Reading scores for the same grade went from 60 percent to 27 percent in the same period.
In the 4th grade, math scores dropped from 77 percent to 39 percent and reading scores went from 42 percent to 19 percent, according to the records.
How shameful this is for the Philadelphia public schools – cheating to pretend they were educating their students when, in fact, they were really doing a lousy job at it.
But, when it comes to cheating test scores, Philadelphia is hardly the only public school system in major U.S. cities to engage in cheating as NBC 10 shares:
Philadelphia isn’t the first major school district to be embroiled in a test cheating scandal. Districts in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Ga. and Houston, TX have all been under investigation for similar accusations.
As we see more and more of this corruption in government schools, the greater the need  exists for school choice, private schools, and homeschooling.


  1. freewheelinfranklin543July 10, 2015

    This sucks! Whatta buncha bullies!

  2. Traitors will be hung.

  3. dougdigglerJuly 10, 2015

    What imbecile wrote this gibberish? Alan Grayson was one of the few congressmen who spoke out against the massive and corrupt giveaways to Wall Street crooks in 2008. Pretty much anybody who attacks him is a shill for big money, although I'm sure the cretins running this site didn't even get paid.

  4. cause we're free !!! yeah right!

  5. Well I guess the Bible has never been updated either. Grayson, along with Sanders and Warren have done mores than most to shed light on Government corruption than most elected representatives.

  6. the owers of the building are zionists, what can anyone expect from living in a nazi country call USA owed by and run by zionists.

  7. FreddiFishJuly 10, 2015

    It's gone way beyond stupid. I believe that all this is being done on purpose so people as to busy being, well stupid, to notice that the world's economy is falling apart. What's going on with the Chinese stock exchange should be enough to scare the living cr@p outta people instead all you hear about is police brutality, white privilege... nothing but stupid distractions. You can not suspend and restrict trading like China has done without it having serious consequences world-wide. I honestly think that when the markets crash it will take a week or two for most Americans to even realize what's going on and even then it scares me as to how many will sit around waiting for the help the government promises. This is going to be nothing like the 30's simply because of population density and government dependence. Most people can not survive on their own like our grandparents did. Hell, most people don't even bother to plant a garden.
    The distractions are going into overdrive and we need to sit back and look at the big picture instead of following the herd to the slaughter.
    Have a great day, Ted.

  8. FreddiFishJuly 10, 2015

    All he said was things need to be updated, not sure he meant an actual re-write as that is what the author's translation. So ignoring that part I don't see a problem with anything he says.
    Reread the article starting at what Grayson actually said... does it really sound so evil?

  9. Bill the eighthJuly 10, 2015

    Yes, yes it does.

  10. boy freddi- i wholeheartedly agree its like america knows whats coming-how can they not, and they have their fingers in their asses waiting to see whats going to happen--this will be a crash of mega proportions- the dollar will go to zero, the military and police will desolve with no money and danger all around there won't be any help coming--there won't be white hats only blue hats to murder , rape and pillage, then you'll find out how much they love americans--it won't be pretty but it will be soon !! ted

  11. Sc00ter5111July 10, 2015

    Exterminate the zionist population, regardless of their "religion". They have corrupted every facet of our country. They murder innocent Palestinian children in order to harvest their organs. Their "settlers" openly terrorize and evict innocent Palestinian families from their homes and move in. They do not believe in working for a living; it is easier for them to rape, rob and murder for profit. Remember what the zionists did to the USS Liberty in 1967: They should all be nuked into oblivion. Hit 'em in the pocketbook here: urge your representatives to cut off all aid, label AIPAC as an agent of a hostile entity and break all diplomatic relations with those filthy animals.

  12. If it were an Israeli flag she'd be up for 'tenant of the year'.

  13. "In all honesty, I could even understand if Obama wrote something like this. It would actually make sense, because he is crazy, and also he is the elected leader of the free world."

    I don't remember when the "free world" elected Obama .
    Or is this just a symptom of American exceptionalism ?

  14. Every dog has his day and ours is coming like a freight train....... I guess they don`t remember what happened to Mousilini ....

  15. Grayson and all the other dingbats is indicative of the puppets that permeate the halls of power, globally, whether USA, UK, France, Germany and all the other dupes for the real power in the world which is the corporate and financial 'elite' which is totally self centered and sociopathic in its intent and delivery. Does anyone really believe that the criminals who have 'led' the USA since the death of the last great patriotic President, JFK, has ruled for the American people. LBJ who was ready to be arrested for his involvement in 10 murders, one of whom was his own sister, all the way through to the Clintons who have the most checkered past with drug smuggling at Mena, corruption in the State development corporation, Whitewater, multiple deaths and when you get to the two Bush guys the deaths not only go up but from Prescott who funded the Nazis to Bush senior who was involved in the JFK assassination to Junior who also has a checkered past, you have to wonder why all these criminals lead the USA? Easy really it is easy to control a criminal than an honorable man as JFK was and would not toe the line. The elections are farcical comedy and I dont know why anyone takes the circus seriously. Does not matter whether GOP or Democrats they all follow the same script provided to them as the march for the destruction of America from within continues.


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