Moonbat Rep. Grayson Rewrites Declaration of Independence

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 In my life, there are few things I hold higher that my love of God, families, freedom and guns. To see some liberal moonbat draft ‘his version’ of a sacred document, our Declaration of Independence, just makes my blood boil. I mean, really, how DARE you? Why would you, Alan Grayson, think it was appropriate to draft a new document that the country should live and breathe by? In all honesty, I could even understand if Obama wrote something like this. It would actually make sense, because he is crazy, and also he is the elected leader of the free world.
According to Rep. Grayson’s article on HuffPO, America is in need of an ‘updated’ version of the beloved Declaration of Independence, freeing us from such demons as corporate greed, religious extremism, and bigotry.
Since I sadly speak Liberal-ese fluently, I will translate that for you.
That means, ‘We want to rewrite the Declaration of Independence so that our demands can be more easily met when we decide we don’t like something.’

The Washington Post published his ‘declaration’ (lower case on purpose- he doesn’t deserve capitalization):
“We hereby declare our independence from bigotry, in all its evil forms,” he wrote. “We declare our independence from racism, sexism, homophobia, language discrimination and chauvinism. Everyone has equal rights, no matter where you’re from, what you look like, what language you speak, and whom you love. Everyone deserves respect.”
“We hereby declare our independence from narrow-minded, extremist or violent religious fundamentalism,” he continued. “Religious belief, no matter how sincere, is no license to dictate to others whether to terminate a pregnancy, whether to use contraception, or whom to marry.”
“We hereby declare our independence from the greedy,” he wrote. “Malefactors of great wealth have no right to buy and sell elected officials through the legalized bribery of ‘independent expenditures.’ They have no right to despoil our land and our water, the air we breathe and the food we eat. They have no right to manipulate or gut our laws in order to increase their lucre.”
“We hereby declare our independence from hubris. No, we can’t bring peace through war,” Mr. Grayson continued. “We can care for victims, protect ourselves and help our friends without sticking our nose into every else’s business.”

“And me? I hereby declare my independence from the corrupt system of campaign finance,” he wrote. “I will not carve up the law into little pieces, and sell it to the highest bidder. I will not make ‘friends’ with lobbyists and special interests and the minions of multinational corporations, and then ‘help’ those ‘friends.’ “
“We declare our independence. We are not cattle. We are not sheep. We are human beings,” Mr. Grayson concluded. “Happy birthday, America. Let freedom ring.”
Uhm, short answer?
The Declaration of Independence is a valuable parchment that the Founding Fathers put all they had into. It was a labor of love. Every time I go to Washington DC, I make time to go see the sacred words. I get chills every single time. This is not something to re-write or re-vamp on a whim. It’s downright offensive when you get down to brass tacks, and a slap in the face of the Founding Fathers.
Rep. Grayson, you are nothing more than a desperate blowhard seeking attention from your constituency. Well, you’ve got it, but I am certain it was more than you bargained for. Conservatives are willing to work with you on most things, but when you throw our Declaration into the proverbial fire, all bets are off, buckaroo.
In case you love freedom, and I am pretty sure you do, you can read the REAL Declaration of Independence in text format right here.

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