Cleveland Police release report to viral photo of motorcycle officer pointing gun at women

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 A photo of a Cleveland police officer pointing a gun at two women is going viral after it  but the police department said the incident involved people who were wanted criminals.

The officer pulling his weapon has been identified as Sgt. Robert Bartos. 
A woman who was attending the Puerto Rican festival downtown  snapped the photos and posted them on Twitter.
Police said , a tan Cadillac Catera driven by Moratta Davis was heading onto the East 9th Street Ramp to Route 2 eastbound.
With both lanes of traffic at a dead stop, Davis drove onto the left berm of the ramp, sideswiping a 2015 Ford Fiesta, bending the right rear tire of the Fiesta, according to police. 
The Cadillac continued down the berm and sideswiped a 2011 Ford F-150, breaking the front left axle of the Cadillac, the police report stated. 
When police pulled up to the Cadillac, officers said two men jumped out of the car and ran. 
Police said the driver door also began to open and that's when Bartos drew his gun and ordered the driver to remain in the car. 
The police report states Bartos, "being alone and unaware of the driver's intentions with the motorcycle still running, and only the clutch and rear brake engaged, he drew his weapon and ordered the driver to stay in the car."
Davis continued to exit the car slowly, according to police, and put her hands in the air. 
Police said once Bartos saw Davis' hands in the air, he holstered his gun.
In the Cadillac, police said the found an open 24-ounce can of Milwaukee's Best still cold to the touch. 
Officers, who stopped the men who ran, said all five people in the car appeared to be intoxicated. 
The driver of a Hyundai Elantra said he was rear-ended by Davis on Eddy Road at St. Clair Avenue prior to her allegedly sideswiping the two vehicles on the on-ramp. 
The driver of the Hyundai and his passenger stated they followed the Cadillac and spotted bottles and cans being thrown from the windows. 
The police report fails to acknowledge if Bartos suspected that the car was involved in the Eddy Road crash when he pulled his gun.
Davis was taken to the police department, where officers said she failed a field sobriety test. 
She was charged with OVI, two counts of failing to stop after an accident, no driver's license, failure to control, and three counts of contempt of court, according to the police report.

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