Here’s a List of Completely Ridiculous Things Many Republicans Actually Believe

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While most of us know just how ridiculous conservatives have become over the years (yes, they’re much worse than they used to be), sometimes it’s easy to forget just how absurd many of these folks are. Sure, individual topics will make headlines for a few weeks or even months, but then they fade out, often replaced by something else.

And let’s face it, with our busy lives, we just get forgetful some of the time.
Well, with that being said, a nice little list of some of the absurd things a good portion of conservatives actually believe.
President Obama isn’t really an American: Yes, birthers are still out there in fairly large numbers. Despite providing two forms of his birth certificate, and the fact that his mother being an American grants him citizenship (much in the same way Ted Cruz is an American citizen), there are still quite a few conservatives who don’t believe Barack Obama is an American or legally allowed to be president.
Jade Helm was President Obama’s plot to invade Texas: I’m sure many still remember this idiocy from a few weeks back. Just think about this for a moment – this became such a widely held belief that Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Guard to monitor the activities of the U.S. military and the Army sent a colonel to a town hall meeting to address “fears” from residents of the state.
Climate change is a hoax: Yes, despite the fact that human-made climate change is accepted by the overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists (consensus seems to be between 90-97 percent) millions of conservatives doubt it’s real – and they often use winter as their “proof” that it’s not real.
The Confederacy and the Civil War weren’t about racism or slavery: Yes, despite the fact that Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and that several states specifically citied slavery as the overwhelming reason why they joined the Confederacy, millions of conservatives seem to believe the Civil War was just about “states’ rights” – not slavery. Though it’s always interesting to ask them what “right” these states were fighting for specifically.
President Obama is/was working with the Muslim Brotherhood: Let’s face it, the only reason this even became a “thing” (which is still believed by many conservatives) is because he’s half black and his name is Barack Obama.
The economy is worse under President Obama: Yes, because a current 5+ year streak of job creation (an all-time record by the way), record stock levels and the best year for job creation (2014) since 1999 is “worse” than in January 2009 when he took office. You know, when we had literally been losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every month.

Republicans should impeach President Obama: This one has died down recently, but I still see it mentioned fairly often. And when you get right down to why they think he should be impeached, it’s usually followed by a laundry list of non-impeachable offenses and radical right-wing propaganda.
President Obama is going to confiscate our guns: This has been a “go-to” talking point from gun nuts for years. What’s funny is that he’s literally done nothing to even hint at a gun confiscation, but that doesn’t stop the NRA from fear-mongering about it to exploit the stupidity of gun nuts who then run out to buy more guns and ammo – which is exactly what big gun manufacturers hoped would happen.
Christianity is under attack: The only places where religion is being pushed out are where it never should have been in the first place. There’s no “attack” on religion. The only thing progressives (and our Constitution for that matter) state is that no one has the right to force their religious views on others or use those beliefs to discriminate. The biggest issue here is that these people have somehow convinced themselves that “religious freedom” means they have the right to force others to adhere to their beliefs.
God is going to punish the United States over same-sex marriage: These are the people who seem to completely ignore that same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada for a decade and they’ve yet to see “God’s wrath.” Meanwhile, the “logic” these people are using essentially says that genocide, rape, murder, slavery, racism – all okay by God – but two gay Americans getting married, well that’s just going a bit too far.

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