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    13 Aug 2015

    Inside Sicily's ghost hotel built 61 years ago (19 Pics)

    Italy's Grande Hotel San Calogero in Sicily now lies in a state of disrepair, the very definition of a white elephant

    The kitchen needs a lot of work! A spate of false dawns have seen the Sicilian hotel remain guest-less

    These fixtures in one of the rooms bathrooms have never been used, but you still wouldn't feel comfortable here

    Shattered glass and doors make the inside of the hotel look more like a warzone

    Despite the hotel having stunning views from its hilltop location, it remains uninhabited to this day

    The inside of the Grande Hotel San Calogero is as eerie as it is disappointing that it never fulfilled its potential

    After nearly 30 years of building work, the hotel was originally set to open in the early 1980s. However, authorities made a grave error in not finalising who would run the hotel

    This could be the reception, or perhaps the early stages of building a bar

    Situated close to the thermal baths it was supposed to be the perfect spot of relaxation for tourists

    Incredibly despite years of building works and subsequent redevelopment, the hotel was not properly connected to a drainage system

    The hotel is located on top of a rocky outcrop on Monte Kronio, Sciacca, southern Sicily

    Since work began in 1954 there have been many 'grand openings' planned that turned into false dawns

    Sicilian authorities paid out €800,000 in 2010 after a 17 year tug-of-war to the company who had agreed, yet never had chance to, manage the hotel, La Montagnola

    The hotel has become Italy's very own white elephant, complete with 300 rooms that have never been slept in

    If someone is willing to take on the project, the hotel could one day finally realise its full potential

    A severe lack of communication between building companies, the council, and senior business figures have killed this dream

    A different company had agreed to take on the hotel in 2000 when authorities drew up plans to finally get the site connected to a proper drainage system. But befitting of the years of toil, the work never even started.

    Building materials left behind in the hotel show how, like the project itself, work has remained 'ongoing' for some 61 years

    The hotel is a stark reminder of mismanagement, misinformed building work, and above all, wasted money

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