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The science is clear: Abortion ends the life of a human baby. However, the tyrannical Left rejects this scientific fact by claiming “It’s not a person. It’s a fetus. It’s a ball of tissue.” This is merely wishful thinking on behalf of our liberal friends.
The hard truth is that history will look back on our generation and call us barbarians. No different than this:
There is a logical fallacy called “reductio ad Hitlerum” or “playing the Nazi card,” in which you compare your opponent’s views to views held by Adolf Hitler or Nazis. This is often considered invalid reasoning because the goal is only to distract or anger your opponent who actually doesn’t hold views comparable to Nazis.
However, in the particular case of abortion, this analogy seems quite right. The analogy isn’t being used to distract or anger. In the late 30s and early 40s, Nazi’s didn’t consider Jews people. Today, the Left doesn’t consider an unborn child a human being. This downright lie is used as moral justification in terminating pregnancies.
The number of people killed during the Holocaust pales in comparison to the amount of babies that have been aborted in this country, and the number is only going to climb thanks to those who continue to support it.

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