Photographer reveals the shocking amount of sugar 'hiding' in soft drinks by boiling down popular choices - including Coca-Cola and Snapple - into over-sized 'lollipops' (14 Pics)

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A curious Brooklyn-based food photographer has set out to show the world what the 39 grams of sugar found in a can of Coca-Cola really looks like by turning the popular soft drink into a massive lollipop.

Just a few weeks after The Renegade Pharmacist blog debuted an eye-opening infographic exposing how your body reacts to drinking Coca-Cola, Henry Hargreaves, who was born in New Zealand, created a visual, candy representation of the amount of sugar found in some of your favorite sweetened beverages, including Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Powerade and even Zico coconut water.

'I have heard health professionals recently refer to soda as the cigarettes of our generation,' he explained in his YouTube video's description. 'I wanted to get my head around this and show what is in a soda drink once the water has been boiled away.'
Too sweet: Photographer Henry Hargreaves boiled Coca-Cola until the water was evaporated before using the leftover sugary syrup to create a massive lollipop (left) that is larger than standard lollipops (right)

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