A Hidden Island Treasure of Lost Antique Machines (27 Pics)

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It’s a place you’ll only find if you’re searching for ghosts of the past.The sleepy village streets of Gozo, the Maltese island south of Sicily, before siesta’s quietest hour.

Dusty wires draped like vines from shelf to floor and strange objects hung from the ceiling.

 His name was Carmelo Hili, an eighty-something Gozitan native with wise eyes. 
He is a collector, a historian, a wiseman, an engineer and a curator of what is no simple garage at all, but his very own private museum. He has a museum-worthy wartime memorabilia, from fully-outfitted navy uniforms to an air raid siren he whirs up to our amazement.

One-of-a-kind century-old antique engines Carmelo brought back to Gozo in pieces have been perfectly re-assembled and restored– machines that industrial collectors would only dream of finding examples of still in existence, much less fully functional.

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