Awesome floating lake house Took 10 Years To Complete

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It was a project that took a full decade of spare time to complete.
The home is 240 square feet and contains every amenity that two people would need.
Foy built the home himself with the help of his wife. He had a history of working in a family owned shipyard so he had the skills needed for such a cool project.
The base is made of styrofoam, pontoons, and plastic tubs. He built the base on shore and tugged it out into the bay to build the cottage. If any materials or tools were needed, he had to take a boat back to shore to resupply and head back out to the floating cottage.

He actually used locally found drift wood to make the railings along with other accent pieces around the cottage.

The cottage has a fridge, plumbing, a bathroom, an exterior shower, and solar and lantern lighting. A 55 gallon drum supplies the kitchen, shower, and bathroom.

They are surrounded by a cathedral of beautiful pine trees.

From the thaw in May until the cold spell in November, the Brown's live here anchored in the bay.

They can feel small waves at night, almost like the cottage is rocking you to sleep.

Can you imagine this as your view? Not to mention the view changes as the house spins with the tide.

The cottage is anchored in the bay but you still feel the movement of the water and the changing tides.

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