Blue Marlin The Giant Ship That Ships Other Ships (13 Pics)

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When one needs to transport a large number of ships (perhaps they aren’t ocean-ready), move a gigantic oil rig (like BP’s Thunder Horse PDQ) or perhaps carry a damaged warship home (The USS Cole), the MV Blue Marlin heeds the call.
Blue Marlin is a semi-submersible heavy lift ship designed to transport very large semi-submersible drilling rigs above the transport ship’s deck. It is equipped with 38 cabins to accommodate 60 people, a workout room, sauna and swimming facilities.
Blue Marlin and her sister ship MV Black Marlin comprise the Marlin class of heavy lift ship. They were owned by Offshore Heavy Transport of Oslo, Norway, from their construction, in April 2000 and November 1999 respectively, until 6 July 2001, when they were purchased by Dockwise Shipping of the Netherlands.

The semi-submersible ship M/V Blue Marlin carrying damaged USS Cole 

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