Former missile silo turned into emergency bunker (16 Pics)

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Have you ever thought about what you would do in case there was a major environmental disaster, or even a zombie apocalypse? While I don't consider myself a prepper, I do like to have some food on hand, along with any necessities that we might need like toilet paper, matches, etc. But when I came across this, I knew my husband would be in hog heaven if we had something like this! It's a missile silo turned emergency bunker, but it really just looks like a cabin in the mountains.  This would be perfect for thezombie apocalypse or, more realistically, any emergency or natural disaster that requires you to depend on your own preparedness to survive.

Above ground, it looks like a simple cabin. You would never guess what is buried below by looking at it.
An underground fortress hides just below the cabin, which can withstand anything thrown at it!
ocated in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.
The bunker is ideally located far away from any neighbors or potential threats!
Complete with its own runway for easy access/escape.
Even without the bunker, the cabin itself would be awesome to have!
The cabin has an open concept design with all the modern amenities.
It's when you go into the basement, you realize it is so much more than just a cabin.
The door to the secret bunker lies hidden in the basement.f
There is a whopping 2,300 square feet of living space below the cabin.
t was originally built during the Cold War to be a missile silo.
It has been re-purposed into a beautiful living quarters just as nice as the cabin above.
But this bunker is safe and can only be accessed by family members!
And there's more... just down the stairs!
They still have access to the actual missile silo!
There are 9 stories in the silo, which would give you plenty of room for more apartments or multi-family use!

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