Human Canvas The Beautiful Tribe Peoples of Omo Valley! (26 Pics)

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It is sad, and a beautiful world. In the remote  Omo valley of southern Ethiopia, Africa, where one of the earliest homo sapiens remains were found, beautiful ancient tribes who are basically human canvas and moving art masterpiece, have been living there for centuries.

In the Lower Omo Valley of southwest Ethiopia, eastern South Sudan and around Lake Turkana in north Kenya reside over 500,000 indigenous, tribal people.  The Surma and Mursi people are part of the Omo Valley tribes and are one of the rarest jewels in the world.

The Surma and Mursi people use the colors of nature, the texture of the animals as an inspiration and pulverized minerals as materials for their body art. The Mursi  have a long history and tradition of body art. Both men and women pierce their ears for discs.  They use red ochre, yellow sulfur, white kaolin, white limestone and gray ash, which are common minerals in the area.

Photo by Dmitri Markine

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