‘Sometimes, 7-8 men raped us in one day…we thought we were going to die,’ says woman rescued from Saudi diplomat’s home in India

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Gurgaon rape case: The vicitms claimed that the Saudi diplomat also took them to other places, including Nainital and Agra, where they were introduced to other ‘guests’ and subjected to further sexual assault 

“Last four months were a curse for us. It was so ugly…we thought we were going to die in that house and our families would never even find our bodies,” said the 20-year-old woman from Nepal, who had been sexually abused for months. The woman and her 44-year-old mother were rescued from the Gurgaon residence of a diplomat from Saudi Arabia on Monday night. Hired as domestic help, they were allegedly held hostage at the house and sexually abused every day for the last four months by the diplomat and his ‘guests’.

“There were days when seven to eight men — all from Saudi Arabia — would assault us. If we resisted, the diplomat and his family would threaten to kill us and dispose of our bodies in the sewer,” said the older woman. She claimed that on one occasion, the diplomat had even slashed her on the arm with a knife.

On some days, they would be given no food at all, she said. But they were allowed to bathe, right before they had to meet the diplomat’s ‘guests’, who would rape and sodomise them, said the women. The diplomat’s wife made no attempt to help them; instead, she beat them up, alleged the women. “We were made to do all the household chores, from morning till late in the night, and then subjected to sexual assault at the end of the day. We were not given food. Sometimes we only survived on biscuits, bread and watery tea. We were never allowed to step out of the house,” said the women. 

They claimed that the diplomat also took them to other places, including Nainital and Agra, where they were introduced to other ‘guests’ and subjected to further sexual assault. “Right after we were employed, our employer took us to Saudi Arabia for 15 days. There, he did not touch us or misbehave with us. After we returned in May, he asked us to massage him… he then raped us and forced us to have unnatural sex and oral sex. After that he offered us to his friends regularly,” they stated in their police complaint.

The women were finally rescued with the help of NGO Maiti Nepal India, which was informed about their plight by another woman who had been employed as a domestic help at the diplomat’s residence but ran away within three days. NGO members then enlisted the help of someone who had access to the women and managed to pass on a mobile phone to them. “They were in constant touch with us for the last five days. They would narrate their ordeal on the phone and we assured them that they will be rescued soon,” said Bal Krishna Pandey, convener of NGO Maiti Nepal India. The NGO then informed the Nepal Embassy, which wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs and Gurgaon police. A police team raided the diplomat’s residence on Monday night and rescued the two women. Maiti Nepal India has also made arrangements to take the women back to their home — in Nepal’s Morang district — on Wednesday. 

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