The Adventures Of Butternut The Cat (22 Pics)

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Hi there, my name is Butternut and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
I’m a stay at home cat which means I don’t have a job so I look after the place while the humans are away. My duties include: making sure there is nothing lying around on the counters, sinks, or even shelves. I think I might be a little bit OCD sometimes, but I like to keep it real.
My favorite food is tuna and if there is none around I’ll eat pretty much anything else. If I’m really hungry I like to chew on toilet rolls, I learnt that from watching Oprah. I like listening to Taylor Swift and Bryan Adams. I enjoy watching old episodes of Lassie and find them very moving and thought provoking.
Scrabble is currently my favorite board game, I just cant get enough, it keeps my mind sharp. I wont lie, sometimes I just hit a blank and I can’t think of any word so I resort to nibbling on the box just to buy myself some more time, people think its cute.

Hipster Cat


Best Gift Ever And It Even Had Bubble Wrap

Road Tripping

Pancake Tuesday

Toilet Break



Cat Selfie

Chilling By The Sea

My Goose And I

Were They Organically Fed?

Whats my name?


Out The Way, I Need To Buy Some String

In Trouble

It’s 5pm, When Are They Coming Home? Soooo Hugry

Chilling Out At The Camp Site

Snow Leopard

Glamping Weekend Away

Someone Open A Tin?

Shhhhhhh Fk The Police

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