This Guy Turns An Old Van Into The Ultimate Mobile Home! (21 Pics)

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This guy just looks like someone who wouldn't want to be tied down to one spot for very long. He has adventure written all over his face.

The first thing he did was tear up the floor of the van, exposing the liner underneath.

Insulating the vehicle is one of the most important things you can do if you plan on living in it for any period of time. This van was perfect because many areas of the walls are hollow. This allowed for easy installation of the insulation throughout the van.

Adding a layer of eco-foil insulation will keep the van even warmer!

For the walls he used some simple plywood sheets. Nothing fancy really needed for this.

He added in this big shelf in the back that will eventually turn into an area for a bed.

A nice bench gives the living area of the van some more seating and a feeling of home. You can literally crawl out of bed right onto your bench for breakfast. He also added support legs underneath his sleeping area.

Now the appliances start to come in. A full size fridge is pretty much out of the question, but one of these mini ones are perfect! The cabinet next to it will be perfect for a small sink.

Battery power to run everything in the living quarters.

This little sink is the perfect size for this mobile home. If you are living like this, a huge sink probably isn't big on your list of essential luxuries.

A compact sink and water storage system all in one place. This man will want for nothing!

This is turning into quite a nice little sitting area. The kitchen counter even extends all the way to the couch for a table.

I really like the use of the high ceilings to install some shelving units for more storage space. Getting the most out of every inch of a project like this is critical.

He purchased some solar panels to make his van even more energy-efficient. This will definitely save his battery life.

Solar panel selfie!

All hooked up to the roof of the van. This thing is ready for some serious adventuring!

The hollow area underneath the bed in the back provides even more storage for gear and pretty much anything else you might need.

With a TV and a computer, this place combines all the comforts of home with the freedom of being on the open road.

I love the plants that line the roof. Having some greenery in your living space can really brighten it up.

I imagine being parked in a parking lot next to a beach at sunset, just watching the ocean from the comfort of my bed.

Who says you can't cook a good meal from a van!

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