Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle (20 Pics)

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Have you ever seen a moving van driving down the road and thought to yourself: "I think I could make that into a nice home?" If you are like most people, the answer to that question is most likely "no." You may think that someone who wants to live in a truck might be a little crazy. However, you may start thinking differently after seeing what this couple was able to do with a standard moving truck and a lot of ingenuity. You have to see what they turned this truck into to believe it!
This is Justie and Jola with their young son. After traveling overseas they decided to move back to New Zealand but they didn't have anywhere to live. Justie had the idea of living in a bus and came up with a plan to make a home on wheels. They wanted to make a mobile truck castle!

It helps that Justie is interested in art and engineering because both came in handy when following through with his idea! This is a sketch that he drew after coming up with the idea.

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