Unique Wartime Aircraft Collection that Spent 40 Years in a Texas Barn

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Wilson ‘Connie’ Edwards, a stunt pilot from the film Battle of Britain, kept a mind-blowing wartime collection in his barn in Texas for 40 years.
Among those aircraft were six Hispano AviaciĆ³n HA-1112 ‘Buchons’, a Spanish-built version of the Luftwaffe’s feared Messerschmitt Bf 109, and a rare Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX, all of which were used in the filming of the 1969 Battle of Britain movie. 
On that fateful Sunday in 1940, some 630 young pilots of RAF Fighter Command defeated a massive German aerial offensive comprised of 1,120 aircraft.
Thanks to the courage and determination of that small group now forever known as The Few, Hitler’s plan to crush the Royal Air Force as a prelude to invasion was thwarted, and the Third Reich’s Operation Sea Lion was postponed indefinitely. 

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