What This Guy Did To This Abandoned Cabin From 1830 Is Beyond Words (17 Pics)

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This is the original 1830's structure as he found it abandoned in a field. 
He begins the meticulous labeling process.  
He then started to carefully transfer the logs to his own property.
Using some new lumber to fill in the gaps that have rotted away, the progress was coming along great! 
He added a roof and framed in some windows. 
A beautiful, hand-made stone enclosure
You can tell he takes a lot of pride in his work. The craftsmanship is apparent with his build.
He stayed true to the building design and application, keeping this cabin looking antique yet functional. 
This place turned out incredible. It looks like it's right out of a story book.
The stairs were handcrafted out of huge logs. 
Looking down from the loft. 

Here is a panorama of the interior of the cabin.

And here is the final outcome of an 1830's log cabin resurrected and restored to its original glory. 

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