A DIY Liqour Cabinet Perfect For Hiding Your Booze (12 Pics)

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This was the cabinet after it had been picked up from the previous owner. It's pretty cool looking, but nothing overly special.
To start off the project, he gutted the entire thing. 
He cut an opening in the top of the cabinet, which will house a motorized insert. 
He decided to paint the cabinet with chalk paint and wax. 
He replaced the back of the cabinet with old whiskey barrels. What a great attention to detail!
So he could see inside the cabinet, he installed an old-fashion style light switch on the side. 
The switch turns on these lights. He uses 20-watt bulbs so the cabinet wouldn't get too hot inside. 
Remember the hole he cut in the top? He has now installed a motorized TV lift in the back. 
Where is the switch for this lift? Well, it's installed in one of these books. You pull the book and the lift is activated. 
The view inside of the DIY liquor cabinet. 
This looks like a beautiful liquor cabinet as is. His attention to detail is really impeccable. 
But once the book has been pulled, the TV lift is activated and the liquor comes up out of the top of the cabinet.

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