I have Never Heard Of This Back To The Future Easter Egg!

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Back To The Future is a movie we all love and remember. It gave us hope for technology to take us into the future or back to the past with. It also came with great responsibility. I know people who still quote the movie to this day and Ive referenced it a time or two over the years. We all know most of the details about Back To The Future but this one completely skipped past me and I was shocked to say the least when i saw it. This might be some news to you.
The 1985 movie Back To The Future has a hidden gem that not many people noticed. I know I didn't.
It all started when Marty was woken up by Doc and told to meet him in the Twin Pines mall parking lot to film an experiment. (the time machine)
Marty rushes over and meets Doc at the Twin Pines Mall.
The mall is also the location that Marty traveled back to 1955 to after Doc was killed by Libyan terrorists in the parking lot.
In 1955 the location of the Twin Pines Mall is a ranch owned by a man named Mr. Peabody. He makes the mistake of confusing Marty, Doc and the DeLorean for a U.F.O. and a martian.
As Marty is driving away so nobody gets killed he accidentally runs over one of the two pines outside Mr. Peabody's ranch.
The ranch was named after those two pine trees. Twin Pines Ranch.
While in 1955 Doc reminds Marty that any of his actions will have serious consequences and could possibly change the future.
Marty eventually goes back to 1985 a few minutes before Doc is killed so he can stop the murder.
The crazy thing is that Marty doesn't go back to the same mall. There was a huge clue when he pulled up and the name of the mall was now Lone Pine Mall.
Yep the viewers were given a big clue that not many people noticed. Twin Pines Mall was now named Lone Pine Mall.

Pretty cool little observation. I love seeing these "easter eggs" hidden through out movies and this happens to be one of my favorite movies ever! What other hidden gems have you found in other movies that others would usually look past?

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