These Photos Show Decaying Abandoned Soviet Relics

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During the Cold War era, the USSR was a very mysterious place to people who did not live there. Travel to and from was very restricted, and journalists were not allowed nearly as much access within the country as in many other places around the world. After its collapse, much of its infrastructure was simply left to crumble away as many of the satellite states that made up the USSR were given independent statehood. David Derudea decided that he wanted to give the world a glimpse of what these abandoned Soviet relics looked like in a Nikon Spotlight called Abandoned Places. He made an incredible six-week road trip through 9 different countries. Along the way he stopped at some of the many abandoned Soviet relics that are scattered across so many countries. He even brought along a helper who, by standing in each shot, gives scale to how big some of these places are. These are some seriously amazing images.
This giant hole is actually the inside of a cooling tower located at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The cooling tower was never completed.

Pripyat is the city that was evacuated when the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown happened. This is the waiting room of the Pripyat Hospital. The plant gives a feeling that time really has been frozen here since the disaster.

These are the rooftops of the city of Pripyat. What strikes me is the lack of color everywhere. Everything is grey concrete. A true ghost town.

This is what remains of the cafe' in Pripyat. It seems that this is one of the only sources of color left in this lifeless place. The photographer wanted to create light contrasts so he put an artificial light source behind the stained glass as well as one behind the cafe' sign. This is probably the first artificial light this place has seen in a long time.

A sunrise from the top of Pripyat's highest building, Fujiyama. When the sun rises, it almost gives the look of having life once again.

This is a small glass room that sits on top of a bus station next to the Pripyat Cafe'.

The photographer wanted a unique shot that no one else had gotten for the ferris wheel. It really is one of the most striking images to come out of his photo shoot.

This is one of the first pictures the photographer captured during this visit to Pripyat Hospital. It appears as though the oven has exploded in the center of the room, destroying everything around it.

This is an abandoned power plant near Budapest, Hungary. The power plant was so difficult to access that they had to come in through the coal shaft, which is what this shot is of.

The artist had to use a two-minute long exposure to reveal what otherwise sat in complete darkness. What he was capturing is the former Linnahall concert hall in Tallinn, Estonia. The artists said it reminds him of a spaceship, and I have to agree.

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