This 1969 Mustang Was Found In A Landfill And Now It Looks Shockingly Different

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Reddit user FinallyGotMyMustang had always dreamt of owning a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. This is a pretty hard to find car so when he came across the opportunity to pick one up, he knew he had to jump right on it.

The car was in rough shape. It was missing most of the front end and there was a lot of rust eating at the body panels. The car had no motor and the trunk was rusted out.

A few body panels were missing as well, as was most of the interior. The suspension was completely shot as well as the drive train.

Most of the dash was complete, however it was in need of a serious restoration which would be no easy task.

Metal was rotted and rusted in the floor of the car and a few spots in the trunk. This car is going to need a lot of metal. Someone had tried to do some metal work on the car earlier and actually made things much worse. All of this needs some serious attention and a lot of work.

Everything under the hood was missing and either corroded or rusted. The brake system was gone and the electrical system was pretty much shot.

While he does have some slight mechanical and restoration experience, this project was a little advanced for his skill level so he called in his father-in-law who had experience in paint and body. These are some of the most crucial parts of a vehicle restoration. If they're not done perfect, every single dime you put into a car will be a waste of money within a few short years.

With no front fenders, it was easy to inspect the total scope of work. They realized that they were in for quite the project. They knew full well that this would be a long process if it were to be done right.

His father-in-law started by welding on some factory body panels that they were able to obtain in some of the seriously affected areas. This requires cutting out the old metal containing rust and making clean welds with new clean metal. Once the pieces are welded into place very carefully, as to not warp the metal with too much heat, the grinding begins. All of the excess weld must be taken off very carefully as to not make the metal too thin.

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