Kentucky City Turns Parking Tickets into a Fundraising Campaign for a Good Cause (3 pics)

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Parking tickets are usually a major pain for car owners but this city in Kentucky has put their own spin on these citations that is actually doing some good.

The program is called “Food for Fines” and allows people who have received fines to pay for them using cans of food instead of cash where 10 cans of food equals $15 against the fine.
All food collected during 'Food for Fines' will go directly to God's Pantry, a local pantry that will use the canned goods to stock shelves at its four Lexington locations.
"Last year, citizens brought in over 6,200 cans of food as payment for over 600 meter citations," said Gary Means, LexPark executive director, told "We hope by opening the program up to all types of citations, we'll see the numbers increase."
Now that's Southern hospitality at its finest! The holidays can be rough on struggling families, as well as the pantries that always experience high demand during that time. Programs like this make it easy for people to make a difference (while also staying on the right side of the law!).

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