This Girl’s Mission Is to Make Fake Freckles Trendy (20 pics)

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Remi Brixton is the founder of “Freck Yourself”, a kickstarter campaign that sells “freckle starter kits” for anyone wanting to create their own natural freckles at home. Only time will tell whether this odd new trend will catch on with the masses or not.

It works by placing stencils on your face in any arrangement you wish.

Then, you apply the formula over the stencil and peel it off for freckles that will last up to 48 hours.

Some of the trial users say the temporary freckles make them feel “fresh faced” and “youthful.”

But those who already have freckles are v confused by the beauty product.

Because some were bullied for their natural freckles growing up.

So will temporary freckles be the next big beauty trend?

If Remi can fund her $215,000 goal, we’ll surely find out.

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