This Guy Finds Money In Car Door

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Every single one of us dreams of someday hitting the lottery. We always hear stories of someone accidentally digging up a small fortune in their backyard. We hear of people finding secret doors in their homes leading to some incredible treasures. These are stories that immediately spark jealousy and envy in each of us. I remember when I first started driving, one of my friends purchased his car from a police auction. We immediately brought the car back hoping that it was a drug runners car and we would find mountains of cash hidden in the spare tire compartment. All we ever found was a bunch of old corn nuts and garbage. We soon found out that not all auction cars were formerly owned by rich drug traffickers. Well, I recently came across a story that re-ignited those feelings of jealousy and envy. After owning a vehicle for a little while, this man's power window stopped working. He decided to investigate and what he found blew my mind!
After his power window stopped working, for no apparent reason, he broke out the tools and decided to take a look.

He was able to take the door panel off fairly easily and noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

After peeling back the plastic liner from behind the door panel, he noticed a black bag stuffed into the door frame. This is apparently what caused the problem in the first place.

Here is a close up. It is definitely not something that came from the factory. His adrenaline immediately started pumping.

The package was stuffed into the door pretty well. He had to pull and wiggle the package quite roughly to remove it.

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