La Catedral Take A Peek Into Pablo Escobar’s Self-Designed Prison (14 Pics)

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One thing that the notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was really good with, besides almost monopolizing the cocaine market, was negotiating. Obviously, he was good with negotiating when he had managed to build a multi-billion dollars empire from selling drugs. However, there was a point in his career when he outdone himself. What had he done? He convinced the Colombian Government to let him design and build the prison for himself. It was called La Cathedral and  featured a soccer field, a giant doll house, a bar, Jacuzzi, and a waterfall. We’re aware that this sounds like a “criminal fairy-tale” but this had really happened.

In the peak of his career as a drug kingpin, Escobar was basically a national hero, The Colombian Robin Hood,  some Colombian families literally praise him as a saint. However, after the assassination of Luis Carlos Galán, the administration of César Gaviria moved against Escobar and the drug cartels.Perhaps the greatest threat posed to the Medellín Cartel and the other traffickers was the implementation of an extradition treaty between the United States and Colombia. It allowed Colombia to extradite any Colombian suspected of drug trafficking to the US and to be put on trial there for their crimes. At this time, it was clear that Pablo Escobar had to surrender to Colombian authorities, but there was no way in hell for Escobar to do so, under the rule of extradition.

So, this was the point when Escobar stopped being Robin Hood and became a notorious narco-terrorist. He literally started a war against the Colombian government in order to stop the extradition treaty, and one thing was sure, a war with El Patron would not be a light one.

Allegedly, Escobar ordered the bombing on the Avianca Flight,  on November 27, 1989, where 110 innocent passengers lost their lives.  The bombing was meant to be an assassination for president Gaviria, who was supposed to be on the flight, but after a few warnings by DEA, he missed the flight.

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